Water Sports on Achill Island, Ireland

Surfing on Achill Island

Keel beach is the perfect safe place to learn to surf. A gently sloping beach that is exposed to swells travelling from the south and west means that we have waves of some sort almost all year around. There are no hazards under the water and prevailing south westerly winds tend to push novices back to shore rather than bringing them seaward. In summer time ,a defined surfing area is watched over by Mayo Co. Council beach lifeguards. Barring the sea being completely calm, then the only time that we can't run lessons on Keel is when the swell is too big, or if its too windy.

Windsurfing on Achill Island

Achill Island is the perfect spot for wind driven sports. Recognised as one of the windiest spots in Ireland, it is unusual to go for prolonged periods (either in winter or summer) without suitable winds which prevail from the South West and blow side on-shore on Keel beach. Wintertime provides consistent deep ocean swell as well as short period local swell.

Kitesurfing on Achill Island

A range of kites can save the day as the island experiences a wide range of wind speeds (often in one day) and Keel lake can provide some great speed sailing as well as offering a safe spot to practice before taking to the swells of Keel beach. Achill Island is the perfect spot for wind driven sports.